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Other Appearances & Interviews Interview with Bakari Seller. The Bakari Sellers Podcast, December 12, 2023. An evening with The Book of James author Valerie Babb in Conversation with Tayari Jones. Wrecking Bar Brewpub, December 6, 2023, &PM. Perspectives with Candace Pressly. S35/Ep57 “The Social, Cultural and Political Impact of LeBron James.” December 4, 2023. […]

The Traveling Hoopers: NBA Show  

The Traveling Hoopers,  a podcast for hoopers by hoopers. We interview fans and reporters at the same time bringing #NBATwitter’s best minds to the table with your favorite media members.  November 6, 7:30. 

Forward Progress

November 8, 12:15.  Hosted by award-winning NBA broadcaster Jason Jackson and former NFL linebacker/broadcaster Kirk Morrison, “Forward Progress” features conversations with athletes and activists about the pursuit for racial equality, social justice, and the intersection between sports and race in America. Each week the show addresses the most important topics impacting our nation and examines […]