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Other Appearances & Interviews Interview with Bakari Seller. The Bakari Sellers Podcast, December 12, 2023. An evening with The Book of James author Valerie Babb in Conversation with Tayari Jones. Wrecking Bar Brewpub, December 6, 2023, &PM. Perspectives with Candace Pressly. S35/Ep57 “The Social, Cultural and Political Impact of LeBron James.” December 4, 2023. […]

Valerie Babb on the George Beattie Murals at the Georgia Museum of Art

Still from a video clip of Valerie Babb seated, discussing the 2011 removal of the George Beattie murals by then commissioner of agriculture, Gary Black. Recorded July 30, 2012.

In 1956, George Beattie painted eight murals for the Georgia Department of Agriculture. Four of those murals addressed the history of agriculture in the state. In recent years, their content (which addresses slavery and the history of American Indians in Georgia) became recognized as offensive to many visitors to the building, and in 2011, Gary […]

“Sacred Spaces: The Penn Center, Belief and Belonging”

Still from a videoclip of Valerie Babb hosting a discussion titled "Sacred Spaces: The Penn Center, Belief and Belonging" at the York W. Bailey Museum, Penn Cenn Center, St. Helena Island, SC, Recorded May 19, 2022.

This conversation explores the spaces where creative power, cultural heritage memories, and practices treated with reverence exist. Panelists include artist and storyteller Natalie Daise; Griffin Lotson, manager of the Geechee Gullah Ring Shouters; and artist and activist Charmaine Minniefield. Dr. Valerie Babb, Andrew Mellon Professor of the Humanities in the departments of African American Studies […]

“In the Footfalls of Diaspora: Reflections on the Wanderer”

Still from a videoclip of Valerie Babb lecture "In the Footfalls of Diaspora: Reflections on the Wanderer." The talk addressed the legacies of one of the last slaver voyages to the United States, March 5, 2013.

“In the Footfalls of Diaspora: Reflections on the Wanderer.” March 5, 2013, UGA Willson Center for Humanities and Arts’ 2013 Global Georgia Initiative. University of Georgia. Professor Babb gives a talk on the legacy of one of the last slaver voyages to the United States. Part of the UGA Willson Center for Humanities and Arts’ 2013 […]

“When fear becomes the state of the union” | TEDxUGA

A still from a videoclip of Valerie Babb TEDx talk, "When Fear Becomes the State of the Union. Babb examines how our American ideals are being threatened by narratives of fear. May 3, 2017.

Fear never allows us to be our best selves and never lets us see how connected we all actually are. Dr. Valerie Babb is a professor of English and the Director of the Institute for African American Studies at UGA. A distinguished scholar of African American literature and culture, Dr. Babb examines how our American […]

The Traveling Hoopers: NBA Show  

The Traveling Hoopers,  a podcast for hoopers by hoopers. We interview fans and reporters at the same time bringing #NBATwitter’s best minds to the table with your favorite media members.  November 6, 7:30. 

Forward Progress

November 8, 12:15.  Hosted by award-winning NBA broadcaster Jason Jackson and former NFL linebacker/broadcaster Kirk Morrison, “Forward Progress” features conversations with athletes and activists about the pursuit for racial equality, social justice, and the intersection between sports and race in America. Each week the show addresses the most important topics impacting our nation and examines […]

Now Everyone Speaks Black

Back in the old days, the 1990s-2000s, when I taught international students studying in the United States, many would comment that they didn’t understand racism because they did not “have” it in their nations of origin. I always found the holes in their logic interesting, as when German students didn’t register the experience of Turkish […]